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Wednesday, 21-Feb-2007 10:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sydney 2006-2007

raya begins celebration with shim, shasha and nozy
rickman, wei, rosie, sakinah, nozy, me
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been a little while since i updated my fotopage's a few pics from my long sydney vacation...been back to brisbane since a month ago but they still in my heart...these are one of the sweetest moments in my life ....

Friday, 27-Oct-2006 09:42 Email | Share | | Bookmark
sunshine coast

noosa beach
beach mate...hehe
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huhu..raya ketiga org p beraya...kitaorg p trip to sunshine coast, walaupun assignment x habis n poket kosong...kitaorg tetap p gak.. .thanx to jo, meera n jan yang organised trip nie..mmg best!!! First destination is Noosa beach, setelah 2 jam perjalanan..first2 nampak mooloolaba, one of the beaches kat sunshine coast...kitaorg pun excited cuz sangka kitaorg dah sampai..tapi sebenarnya ada perjalanan sejam lagi baru sampai noosa...but its worth it dowh..memang best..Noosa x hectic n hip sangat mcm surfers paradise ala2 Manly pun ada..mmg best...the water is nice and the weather is fine, lepak kat beach with couple of the seniors and the gals sambil menjamu selera with a variety of sandwiches, cookies and kek yang suspiciously dibeli di woolies ..x per long as we have fun..and thanx Jan for the Copenhagen ice-cream!!! Nak p lagi!!!! lepas 2 jam kat Noosa, kitaorg naik bas sekali lagi heading to the Hinterland pulak..wah..from beaches to Mountain pulak..the journey takes like 1 and a half hour, and we passed through quaint little towns (nice..), beautiful views of the mountains and farms, and we immidiately reminded of the scenes from Sound of Music (the hills are alive with the sound of music..) with cattles, sheeps and horses running around the beautiful terrains...this is so beautiful, it can't be described with words (seriously)...we singgah kat Mary Cairncross forest reserve and after bergambar sakan kat the lookout across the street yang nampak view Glasshouse Mountains yang mmg cantik, we went to a forest walk with Jan and Jo (where's Meera???),,and it was so cool..and after that we chatted with the friendly forest rangers..hehe..they're so cute..In all, i enjoyed the trip very much...jom p lagi..Jan, Jo and Meera, I love you!!!!!!!

Thursday, 26-Oct-2006 22:56 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Raya di rantauan

nisha, kak hani, nicky, kak sarah, me..muka kenyang??
we gals...
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siapa cakap raya di perantauan x seronok? x best? walaupun di belengui (did i spell that right??) assignment yang x habis2..kitaorg still manage to have fun during our raya celebration..walaupun x beraya bersama family tapi pengalaman beraya bersama kawan2 adalah sangat bermakna..imagine in a duration of 24 hrs..we managed to whip out delicious raya dishes like kuih batang buruk from kulit popiah (thats my idea) with cashew nut topping, rendang daging (etty.. i love you for this), nasi impit, kuah kari, sate ayam n daging, kuih cornflakes and lots more...lepas tu dapat rasa mcm 2 juadah pulak tu ada kuah lodeh n nasi impit plus sambal ikan bilis yang power, nasi briyani (rasanya), rendang ayam etc, etc...hehehe..ketupat jek yang x der..lepas tu dapat pulak p beraya kat umah2 org lain...dapatlah makan juadah from different country..hehe..paling best dapat makan ladoo, capati n kari daging yang mmg sedap!!!! raya kat cni ok jek..its not that sad.. ..but still i miss my family n my friends in malaysia n still have assignments to do la... x habis2 ler assignment n btw, elaun bile nak masuk nie????

Friday, 13-Oct-2006 21:48 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Spicks and Specks...

my big day out ticket..rockin'! thanx ek Nisha!!!
Raya cards from my loved ones
Dato', Datin and Niza...peeps!!! B.Ed TESL M'sian Fest 2006
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just a few pic i took here n there depicting my life rite now...

-a raya card from the meaningful people of my life..khai, thanx for choosing such a cute card!!-

-count down to BDO..can't wait!!!!!-

Friday, 13-Oct-2006 21:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mahsuri Play Presentation..2006

feeling like a star???
my 30 seconds of fame
loving the dressing rooms
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After a few months of slaving ourselves and overcoming gliches, we finally made Mahsuri a reality, it was only a 30-40 minutes play but seems like an eternity...this is the pics i've taken preping up for my role..there's more to come...

the poster, created by nasrul hadi

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